relations re‧la‧tions [rɪˈleɪʆnz] noun [plural]
1. official connections between countries, companies etc:
relations with/​between

• a bid to improve diplomatic relations with Beijing

• the development of economic relations between the two regions

2. the way people behave towards each other:
relations with/​between/​among

• They work hard at developing good relations with their customers.

• The increase in productivity was a direct result of improved relations among the workers.

emˌployee reˈlations
HUMAN RESOURCES the relationship between managers and employees in a company, and the ways in which, for example, managers tell everyone in the company important information and employees are encouraged to make decisions:

• Good employee relations are not only desirable, they are a commercial necessity if a company wants to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

inˌdustrial reˈlations also labour relations , labor relations HUMAN RESOURCES
the behaviour of workers and management towards each other:

• The industry had an unrivalled record of good labour relations.

— see also public relations

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relations UK US /rɪˈleɪʃənz/ noun [plural]
the relationships that exist between two people, organizations, or countries, and whether these are good or bad: »

The meeting provided both sides with an opportunity to exchange views on the current state of U.S.-China relations.


The government needs to build up better relations with private-sector providers.

relations between sb (and sb) »

Local partnerships have worked well together, establishing good relations between employers and learning centres.


It is in a company's interests to create good relations with its investors.

improve/jeopardize/repair relations »

Countries that renege on their commitment will inevitably jeopardize relations with the World Bank.


diplomatic/economic/external relations

See also CUSTOMER RELATIONS(Cf. ↑customer relations), EMPLOYEE RELATIONS(Cf. ↑employee relations), EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS(Cf. ↑employment relations), HUMAN RELATIONS(Cf. ↑human relations), INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS(Cf. ↑industrial relations), INVESTOR RELATIONS(Cf. ↑investor relations), LABOUR RELATIONS(Cf. ↑labour relations)

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